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CAST Lighting prices represent the exceptional quality of the products - they are constructed of the most corrosion-resistant metal known to man - solid sand-cast bronze. The technology they contain is state-of-the-art. CAST landscape lighting products are simply the most durable, best performing, and longest-lasting in the lighting industry. This is why CAST is the preferred brand among the best landscape lighting designers in the world. It is also why CAST lights are found at the homes of celebrities, business leaders, and the most-discriminating homeowners; and at hotels and resorts throughout the world.

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CAST Lighting products are professional-grade (light years beyond big-box store brands). They will function perfectly for a lifetime of use - but, if they are not installed correctly, wire splices may fail and voltages may be too low or high - these mistakes can lead to premature system failure. That's why we suggest hiring a CAST-trained professional to do the installation.

If, however, you are a determined do-it-yourselfer, are comfortable with low-voltage electrical connections, have the right tools, and are willing to learn some basic installation techniques (we provide instructions), then you can give it a go.

The other thing to consider is the lighting design. Professional landscape lighting designers spend years learning how to illuminate the landscape and architecture. They light for security, safety, usability, and beauty. The best designers succeed in breathtaking transformations of a property. They can literally transform your nighttime experience in ways you can't imagine.

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